With little more than modest financial resources, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a vision for the future, Mr. Chiam Gaik Chye started Fon Kok Sdn. Bhd.
on 25th June 1986. The name was then changed to Fon Kok Fastener Sdn. Bhd. on 6th June 2005. The new name of the company “Fon Kok Fastener Sdn. Bhd.” better represents the way the company plans to position itself and grow in the future. Fon Kok Fastener involves in the hardware trading such as bolts and nuts, fasteners and related products catering for the industrial sectors of engineering, machinery, plant works and constructions.


Fon Kok Fastener has the most comprehensive range of innovative and approved fasteners for all different types of industries. To this day, Fon Kok Fastener continues to invest in sourcing the best quality of fasteners, and the best people necessary to serve you.


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Fon Kok was founded in 1986 and specialized in hardware trade such as bolts and nuts, fasteners, and associated items for the engineering, mechanical, plant works, and construction industries. Furthermore, we have the most complete selection of innovative and certified fasteners for all sorts of industries, which has empowered us to become the leading one-stop solution fastener provider in Malaysia’s Northern area, which includes Penang, Perak, and Kedah.

What is the difference between a self-tapping screw and a self-drilling screw?

Self-tapping screws are a popular type of industrial fastener Malaysia. Self-tapping screws were one of the first designed fastener products, made of hardened steel, and its adoption ignited the industrial revolution. A self-tapping screw can be appropriately defined as a tapping screw, but it is also commonly referred to as a sheet metal screw due to its widespread use in the sheet metal sector. A self-tapping screw, by whatever name it is known, is so named because it has formed mating threads in a pre-drilled hole into which it is pushed. A self-drilling screw, on the other hand, is a sort of self-tapping screw that also has a drill tip. In a single action, the sharp drill tip will drill a hole and produce the mating threads.

How are fasteners classified?

There are a few fasteners being used nowadays. Industrial fastener Malaysia are either:

  • Threaded. E.g. nuts, bolts, screws, and studs
  • Non-threaded. E.g. nails, rivets, pins, and washers

What factors influence the choice of fastener?

The factors choosing an industrial fastener Malaysia include:

  • Function
  • Properties
  • In-place cost
  • Requirements of the fastener
  • Method of assembly
  • The parts to be assembled
  • Method of integration into the assembly process