Strip Feed Inserts



To complete the Recoil power installation tools, Recoil has inserts available on strip (M2.5-M12, #2-5/16) to optimize production with increased installation cycles and reduced operator fatigue.

When used in combination with Recoil pneumatic installation tooling, each insert is retained in a plastic strip which is passed through a slot in the front end assembly nozzle, indexing the insert to the installation mandrel.

Recoil Strip-Feed inserts are available in most common thread diameters and lengths in addition to the various surface finishes which are available on standard Recoil bulk inserts.

Free running, locking and tangless inserts can all be mounted on strip.

Use in conjunction with pneumatic tooling for optimum perforance.

Recoil strip feed inserts provide many advantages such as:

  • Semi and fully automated installation
  • Minimized handling costs
  • Faster, more economical assembly
  • Positive inventory control


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